General technological approach product development


From the first idea to launching a new product on the market, different steps are needed. Foodlight Consultancy is focussing on the technical issues and drawbacks which has to overcome.



foodlight technological approach





In the formulation phase the border conditions are defined for the product properties, a base recipe will be formulated and ingredients are selected.



Selection off process


In the selection phase the process will be selected. What are the border conditions from the selected formulation and what are the border conditions from logistics and cost price?



Small scale testing


On laboratory scale some formulations and concepts has to be produced and tested. It is possible that model systems has to be used because production scale is not available in this phase or is not cost efficient.





From the laboratory the best variant is selected. This variant meets the border conditions as defined in the early stage. The concept is shown as "Proof-of-principle".



Pilot (or production) scale testing


On (semi-) large scale, tests will be performed with the "proof-of-principle" concept.





From the pilot scale phase some optimisation issues will be pointed forward which will be tested in the optimisation phase. It is also possible that the formulation or the process should be evaluated. (back to phase 1 or 2).



Step 6 can be followed by step 7 or by step 1


Many times a product needs more than one development cycle to come to the final desired product.





Production can be started. In the first stage some adaptations of the formulation or within the process are sometimes needed.








Foodlight Consultancy is the company of Jeroen Grandia. Foodlight helps the food and relating industries to develop or optimise (food) products by technical advice, training and practical resources.


More than 20 years ingredient knowledge, hands-on experience, training services and a large network in the Food industry and knowledge institutes make Foodlight an unique partner in product development.


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