bakery technology


Bakery technology


Consumers are asking for more healthy, reliable and good tasting products. In the bakery is in the past 10 years, partly by activities of the “Healthgrain” program, the focus shifted on health.


New bakery technologies and valorisation of ingredients make that ingredients like whole grain flour, aleurone, and application of other grains than wheat are available! Health claims for breads with certain healthy grain components are possible.


Examples of successful product development projects in the filed of bakery technology:


  • Development of healthy bread products with wholegrain components by (amongst others) enzyme technology. Manager of technology driven part of EU FP7 project Healthbread (


  • Development of a bread product with filling.


  • Prevention of white spots on a cookie product (regulation of sugar crystallization).




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Product development of healthy bread?



Product development of healthy bread with whole grain or wholegrain components asks for knowledge (of the behaviour) of these ingredients and for new technologies as improved enzyme technology.


We can assist you with selecting the best ingredients and product development of good tasting bakery products. In addition, we can advise which health claims (legal EFSA accepted claims) can be given to consumers about the new developed bakery product.





Clean label or clear label?



A lot of consumers believe that products without E-numbers are healthier. You can develop products with a “clean label”. In addition, products can be made with less, for consumers unclear, ingredients. ("clear label")In both cases, ingredient knowledge is very important since your products should also taste very well!


If you want to contribute to people’s health you can think about decreasing the amount of sugar, salt reduction and/or fat replacement. But if you remove one component you should add another one. Ingredient knowledge is still important. We can help with selecting the right ingredient and product development of good tasting reliable products.


Foodlight Consultancy is the company of Jeroen Grandia. Foodlight helps the food and relating industries to develop or optimise (food) products by technical advice, training and practical resources.


More than 20 years ingredient knowledge, hands-on experience, training services and a large network in the Food industry and knowledge institutes make Foodlight an unique partner in product development.


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