Drying of powders is a way to extend the shelf-life of your product. Sometimes drying is not sufficient and another improvement is needed. This could be protection of your sensitive ingredient against the environment or survival of your ingredient during processing or during passage of the stomach. Or you want a flavour or nutritional oil as powder.


Encapsulation of powders is a methodology to protect and deliver your ingredient!


Examples of successful performed projects:


  • Encapsulation of flavours and of an etheric oil.


  • Protein (and cross-linked protein) based encapsulates (patents EU20090238885, EU20110045147 and EU20130183357).


  • Encapsulation of fat soluble vitamins (patent WO2012047098A1).


  • Development of an edible product composed of a plurality of encapsulated discrete fat pieces (patent WO2011084059A1).


  • Survival of the passage of the stomach of a bio-active component from fruit by encapsulation of the sensitive component.



fluid bed


Encapsulation technology



There are a lot of technologies for encapsulation. E.g. emulsion technology, fluid bed technology with different variants, spray drying, spray chilling (with fat). The choice of encapsulation technology is dependent of your needs (and your application)..


Because we are independent from technology suppliers, we can select the encapsulation technology which (commercially) suits your product best. In this way product development is fast and efficient.







Next to technology is knowledge of formulation of ingredients and their physical behaviour very important. The choice of the right ingredients will result in a higher chance of encapsulation success. With encapsulation by a protein coating, possibly in combination with a coacervation technology, low pH values can be survived. Encapsulation by using a polysaccharide in a “glassy state” will help in protection of micro-organisms and sensitive peptides.


Let us show the proof-of-principle of encapsulation in your new formulation! We have both technological and ingredient knowledge in house for fast and efficient product development.

gastic intestin channel
oil as powder


Oil as powder



Sometimes it is needed to have an oil available in a powder shape. Because of increasing the shelf-life or for better dosing in a (mixing) process. Encapsulation of volatile oils or flavours prevents evaporation. By encapsulation of the oil a solid powder can be obtained with an oil load up to 50%.


We can perform a technological feasibility test for encapsulation of your product and subsequently scale up to production. The final production can be performed by you or by a powder tolling company (contract manufacturing).


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