Powdertechnology / Powder development


The formulation is very important when a liquid or wet product has to be dried. The less water has to be removed, the more cost effective the process. It is worth to let us look at your recipe and if needed we can develop new powders for you! We are experienced and have knowledge about powder technology and powder development


Examples of successful product development projects in the field of powder technology and powder development:


  • Agglomeration of an instant beverage.


  • Development of a spraydried emulsion for a bakery application.


  • Improvement of the solubility of a phytosterol powder.


  • Development of a granulate for a chocolate application.


  • Selection of a suitable mixer for infant food formulations, executing of mixing trials.
turn liquid into powder


Turn a liquid product into a powder / drying of your product?


Drying of a liquid product or change into a powder is complicated. A lot of drying technologies are available but not every drying technology is suitable for your application. Issues that are very important for selecting a drying technology are e.g. rheology of the liquid, dry material content, heat resistance and of course cost effectiveness. Also the properties of the powder to be developed are important.


Together with you we can investigate which drying technology suits the best for your product and which adaptions are needed in the formulation. On small scale proof-of-principle tests can be performed. Product development of powders dedicated to your needs!






Granulation is needed if you have a blend of dry powders which you want to combine or want to improve the powder properties. A powder blend can be very dusty (allergic reactions?) with bad flowing properties and bad wettability. In addition separation can occur during transport. Granulation of your blend can be a good solution. Next to the granulation technology and process parameters, the binding agent is very important.


We can select the most suitable binding agent for you to meet the product properties needed for your application (or we first define the product properties) and we select the proper granulation technology. The granulation process should be very efficient. During small scale testing we show the proof-of-principle and we define the drying parameters for scaling up to production. Of course we can assist you in the whole product development trajectory.


dissolved infant formula




Improvement of solubility?


A lot of dried powders have to be dissolved or dispersed in the final application. Wettability, solubility and dispersibility of the powder is important. For that reason powders can be agglomerated and/or lecithinated (lecithin added in the formulation). Sometimes, your powder should have a specific bulk density for obtaining a certain height in cans or for application in a (coffee) vending machine.


We can can prepare some samples of instant powders for you. You can test them on wettability, solubility, dispersability and (tapped) bulk density.




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