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  • Does the new formulation asks for extra attention?


  • Does the production process fits not well?


  • Do you want to have the opinion of an expert about the efficiency or quality of your formulation, your product or your process?


  • Do you need (e.g. as equipment supplier) assistance in food technology?


  • Do you temporary need someone for product development or process development?





foodlight solutions





Probably you will recognise these questions. Foodlight can help you. We have a lot of knowledge of ingredients and expertise in product development. This is not only for food but also relating industries like pharmaceutical industry.


In addition Foodlight has a large network of experts in different specific fields. That means that within a project additional expertise is available, even if you want to build a plant. By low overhead costs, Foodlight can work with competitive fees whereas the quality still will be guaranteed.


Do not hesitate in contacting Foodlight!





Foodlight Consultancy is the company of Jeroen Grandia. Foodlight helps the food and relating industries to develop or optimise (food) products by technical advice, training and practical resources.


More than 20 years ingredient knowledge, hands-on experience, training services and a large network in the Food industry and knowledge institutes make Foodlight an unique partner in product development.


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